I am running a marathon in 6 days.

That’s basically what’s been going through my head the last week. I am running a marathon in __ days. And the number keeps getting smaller. It’s so scary and so exciting at the same time.


I’m trying hard to relax and not “do” too much this week, but that’s hard as a full-time student. I think one of the hardest things about being in college is that there’s the possibility of getting sucked into the workday that never ends. I rarely have days where I can come home and just be there. There’s always class, lab/study group meetings, club meetings, homework, obligations. Not to mention food and sleep. But I’m trying.

The “obligations” aren’t all drudgery, though. Today I’m getting a sports massage. Tomorrow I get to go with my food journalism class (best class ever) to talk to the owner and chef of a fancy restaurant, and then go see Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa!) speak. Wednesday I get to talk to the owner of an awesome coffee shop that just opened on campus, and Thursday I get to go teach health for the first time in a West Philly elementary school. And then Friday is the marathon expo! Busy but fun week ahead.

I’m planning to take most days off this week… maybe 2 short, easy runs and one workout of 3 x 1 miles at marathon goal pace (~8:12 min/mile).

Last year I attempted a sort of carb depletion/reload the week before the marathon, and even though I did well at the race and didn’t bonk, I really disliked the way I felt in that week. I don’t want to change up my eating habits this time, but I will make an effort to include more carbohydrates (probably in the form of oatmeal instead of eggs for breakfast). I know what works for me, which is really the most important thing.

Can’t wait to cross this finish line again.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.39.31 AM

6 thoughts on “I am running a marathon in 6 days.

  1. I’ll be running Philly as well. Though I’ve done several marathons before, I’m oddly nervous for this one. Probably because I want to run this one fast, which always gets the butterflies going.

    Good luck!

    • Oh, awesome! The weather for this weekend is looking great :D And that’s the same for me! People keep asking why I’m nervous because I’ve done a marathon before… but I’ve never really tried to “race” one.

      Good luck to you too! :)

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