Post marathon training

Miles since the marathon have been e-a-s-y.

As in:


A total of 61 miles in 5 weeks.

Post marathon I wasn’t injured or anything, but I just needed a mental break. Nothing like 3.5 hours of straight running to fill your quota for awhile.

My second run back I won 2nd place female in my tiny town’s Turkey Trot, haha. I knew I wasn’t going to go very fast or anything, so I just ran at 5k “effort.” My dad ran the 10k, and I think this was technically his first ever “real” race (we ran a free 4 mile prediction race together a few months ago) so that was fun.

It’s been a struggle convincing myself to run outside when the weather is in the 20s in Philadelphia, but I’ve only resorted to the treadmill once (on a particularly snowy day), so I’m pretty happy about that. I never thought I could be a cold weather runner.

Although since I got back to Georgia for Christmas break, I haven’t had to be a cold weather runner. Yesterday morning the temps were in the high 50s (happy first day of winter?). Then this morning it was 73. Felt unnatural to be running in shorts and a t-shirt on December 22.

Right now I’m just trying to get to where running most days feels normal (base building I guess). Then in the spring, I believe I am getting a coach of sorts. I’m very excited!

2 thoughts on “Post marathon training

  1. Good luck girly- I’m glad you’re taking it easy but also getting some miles in. I do agree that sometimes a long race like a marathon fills your quota of running for awhile- I’ve had a few friends who did a big race and definitely took awhile off, can’t say I blame em. I’m taking a few days off right now, just need a mental break for the holidays.

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