Pancakes and Matcha Chocolate Cups

I read this post ages ago on The Caffeinated Runner’s blog and was thus introduced to Weefulls pancake/waffle/crepe mix

I usually suck at making pancakes. Probably because I’m used to making my eggs pancake-style (just beaten and dumped in the pan, then flipped) and eggs are a whole lot more forgiving than pancakes. But these pancakes not only came out perfectly, but were also really tasty. Especially after a 6 mile run with intervals. And with a sliced banana and almond butter. Nom.

(On a random note, I really like etymology. Like for the word pancake. Pancakes are really just cakes that are cooked on the stove in a pan instead of in the oven! Like pan-fried chicken instead of baked chicken. Pan-cakes. Hehe.)

And now for something I’ve been wanting to share: I made something the other day inspired by these banana bites from Chocolate Covered Katie –

Dark chocolate matcha green tea cups 😉 I’m an absolute tea fanatic. Last Christmas I got a tiny ($20 yikes) jar of matcha that I wanted to use primarily for baking. But since it was such a small amount, I’ve been pretty stingy with it.

Here I followed the recipe for the chocolate cups from CCK but made my own filling. I mixed ~2 teaspoons of coconut butter and ~1/4 teaspoon matcha powder for one cup. It was amazing. But then again, I really love green tea. Definitely try if you’re a tea fan!

Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Cups

For instructions on making the chocolate cups, check out this post.

For the filling, to fill 9-10 mini cupcake liners:

  • 7 TBSP coconut butter
  • 2.5 tsp matcha powder

Mix together the coconut butter and matcha powder well and use to fill chocolate cups. It’s that easy 😉

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

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