Cross training and stuff

About three weeks ago after running club had a track meet at Albright College in Reading, PA, I noticed a pain on the top of my left foot.

I thought – it’s probably nothing. Well, as running things go, pain is never nothing. I kept running on it and lo and behold, the pain did not go away. The week after Albright, we had another track meet at Penn State, and the pain after my race (I PRed in the mile – 6:16.89! woo) was excruciating. And then I still ran the next three days. And then I realized I was limping even when I walked around, so I made an appointment with a sports med at the student health center and took four days off (taking the humorous advice of this article). My foot felt better. Then I ran the day before my appointment (it was BEAUTIFUL outside. 55 degrees & sunny in between polar vortices) and my foot starting hurting again. So I had the appointment. And now I have an MRI appointment on Tuesday. The word “navicular stress fracture” was thrown around a bit. Please please no.

Still waiting to find out. So the present = middle of a break from running, end TBD.

It actually hasn’t been dreadful in the slightest. I spend my mornings studying and drinking coffee instead of braving the sub-freezing temps while 99.7% of Penn is still asleep. 

That said, I haven’t exactly been doing nothing to keep up my fitness. I’ve been using the stationary bike at my apartment’s gym, CrossFit-ing, and even went SWIMMING for the first time in years (also attempted pool running – not feeling it). Nice to change things up a bit.

I think it’s clear that whether I have a stress fracture or not, I may have bumped up mileage just a little too fast. Even while training for the Philly marathon last fall, I was only running about 40 miles a week and maxed out at 53. Over the past few weeks I was at 45-50 miles consistently. I didn’t feel like that was a lot at the time, but 50 miles up from 40 is a 25% increase in mileage, so… that ain’t no joke. 

Admittedly I have gotten faster (5K PR by one minute! Mile PR by 30 seconds!) so if all is well with my foot, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do at the club running national half marathon in April! And my foot is honestly feeling better (no embellishment on that, I swear) so let’s hope for the best. 

One thought on “Cross training and stuff

  1. Wishing your foot a speedy recovery, stress fracture or not. I think you did the right thing by getting it checked out and taking a few days off, even initially. Hoping for the best for you and that you’ll be able to finish out track and the half in April!

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