Let’s make some new plans

I got my MRI last Tuesday. I asked them to give me a copy of the images so that I could look at them (and maybe self-diagnose) before my official doctor’s appointment on Thursday. That night I had my roommate, a fourth year dental student who has had a little bit of training in radiology (admittedly the foot is pretty far from his expertise!) and my dad, who’s a pathologist, look at the images and tell me if they saw anything obviously wrong. Neither of them did, I got to see the inside of my foot (SO COOL. I seriously want a full body MRI just to look around in there), and so I figured I would probably be good to go.

Wednesday was my last day before my doctor’s appointment. I decided to do a very short, easy, 20 minute run, just in case the doctor told me I couldn’t run the next day. My last chance to run without outright defying a doctor’s orders. So I ran on Wednesday, the weather was glorious, and I felt great! No pain whatsoever.

Then I went to my doctor’s appointment, and lo and behold… I have a stress fracture in my second metatarsal.


Back to the boot

I’m actually not too down because of the news. I thought that if I were to ever get a stress fracture, I’d be devastated. But I’m actually pretty content right now. I got through the Philly marathon with a PR and Boston qualifying time, I got a shiny new 5K PR by an entire minute at the Feel the Love 5K (and won a free pair of shoes!), I brought my mile PR down to 6:16.89 at the Penn State Happy Valley Invite, and I got to experience what it was like to run 45-50 miles per week multiple weeks in a row (difficult!).

Besides, not running = more time for reading and coffee and brunch.




 The only race missing out on is our running club national half marathon in Bloomington, Indiana the first weekend in April. But I ran that course last year, and it wasn’t exactly a fun course. Lots of hills, not many spectators. The weekend itself was awesome, just getting to spend time with my running club and other collegiate running clubs, but I can still do that this year! By a lucky (?) twist of fate, plane tickets are already booked, so I’m going to nationals! I’ll be the greatest spectator there.

Since I don’t have any pain in my foot (I don’t know why, and neither does my doctor – she pressed down on my foot and I didn’t feel anything, but the MRI clearly shows a stress fracture) the doctor said I only had to be out of commission for 4 weeks instead of the typical 6. And I can do cycling and swimming (I shall emerge a triathlete).

I know that after 4 weeks I won’t be able to jump back into the running world like I was before, but I am hoping to be able to do the Clean Air 5K on April 19 and the Broad Street 10 Miler the first weekend of May (both blessedly flat courses). Of course I won’t be “racing” them, but I’ve already paid, so just getting to experience them would be nice.

Have you ever gotten an injury that forced you to miss a big race?

One thought on “Let’s make some new plans

  1. So sorry about the stress fracture. 4 weeks and still being able to cross train really isn’t THAT bad of an outcome, though. It might not be a bad break (no pun intended). Hopefully you can still do the other races and you’re still around your team, so you have a great support system in place. Oh, and all that food looks absolutely delicious- I love home fries!

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